The following audio tracks are selected entries from Diary. A project where variations in ambient light have been transcribed into voltage using solar cells. These variations in voltage are then processed through audio software. 2014-2015.
Headphones or quality speakers essential as the frequencies are low.
000 9/11/15 an afternoon in the studio in 400s.
001 10/11/15 4 moments during the afternoon at the studio.
003 12/11/15 Euoghan o'Morain has been placed on morphine at Algeciras hospital.
006 18/11/15 Pig Rock Bothy evening light.
008 24/11/15 one 30minute moment into 04minutes in the morning at the studio.
010 26/11/15 Cameron starts task of persuading Labour MPs to back Syria airstrikes.
011 1/12/15 Cabinet approves airstrikes motion.
012 2/12/15 MPs debating Syria airstrikes in the Commons or Gunvald died suddenly on the street in Norway.
017 11/12/15 Explosion at the Spanish Embassy in Kabul in 4minutes.
019 05/01/16 a morning at the studio in 300seconds or Sian Blake- three bodies found in hunt for missing former EastEnders actor.
020 06/01/16 Oil slides to new 11-year low as Saudi-Iran row cuts chance of output curbs or recieved a spam email from David Dyde who died 3 years ago.