On the use of light, 01/2020

I am interested in recording light. As if the light itself held the history of events it had witnessed, from source to receptor, beyond any direct interaction with matter. A code awaiting to be transcribed, available for us to read, if only we could understand it.

Light informs our vision, and therefore our reality. However, the light we observe is of the past. Even if it is just the inherent delay between reception and perception. I find this proximity, the permanent unattainability of that 'almost there but never there', an interesting milieu in which to experiment. One which is imbued in metaphors.

It took me a while to come to terms with the inherent technological delay between input and output. I learnt to accept that inevitability through its correspondence to the fundamental relativity of the original notion. And now, I emphasize this same unattainability.

The physical scale of the installation is not denoted by the light objects and necessary technology, but by the surfaces that reflect the light. However, it is the context that is its totality, as constructed by the actual locality, the replicated locality, and the observer.
The context is the theme. It is the intention for past light to create a new space in the present.; one of no concrete time or space, but nevertheless, a possibility.