On communication, 01/2020

Simplicity, both in concept and in expression, is for me an immutable objective in my practice. Maintaining this same simplicity, without aesthetic interruption, in communicating the concept is at times a knottier issue.

I find that relying on external support, such as a supplementary explicatory text, is an inelegant solution. That there is a certain lack of integrity in it, considering the intent.

Familiarity is an uncertain approach a priori, as it is by definition an association that is built up over time. Knowledge of individual backgrounds, experiences or sensitivities of largely anonymous viewers, is an uncertainty at best.
An informed assumption on the amount of exposure to similar work is easier to gauge, but still remains an assumption.

Perhaps a befitting course that may lead the viewer from simpler notions to more complex jumps in cognition, is a more suitable approach. And by befitting I mean integral.
A course may take different forms, be it a physical path through individual works, or the supply of indications through the use of titling, subtitling, listed materials, etc.