On manufactured spatiotemporal actualities, 04/2020

The replication of light, recorded at a previous time and replicated in a subsequent time (either at the same location or a different one), creates in effect a new spatiotemporal actuality. Displaying past information into the present suffuses it with additional qualities aside from the ones it currently possesses. Not merely through the extra artificial light which now exists in the present space, but, in effect, it is the visible information of the past comingling with the information of the present. An echo of sorts; for it is a previous event reflected in, and being altered by, the present.

When the location of recording differs from that of replication the conceptual difference is objectively unremarkable, for even the same source location would have shifted in a heliocentric frame of reference. However, it is the difference in affect that may be subjectively accentuated within a geocentric frame of reference.

These manufactured spatiotemporal actualities hang somewhere in between their constituent settings. In between the past and the present, in between here and there, they remain intermediate. Their gestalt a suspended 'now'; a 'now' that has been physically altered by the past, of the same space or of a different one, to an extent which can not be clearly demarcated spatially or temporally.